8 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Value

Want to sell your property fast and make a good impression? These types of extensive upgrades require large investments that you may not recoup at closing. Some upgrades can lower your home’s value.

When improving your home, avoid large projects and invest in smaller upgrades that will add value and appeal to buyers. Before you make upgrades, we’ve compiled eight investments that will boost the sale of your home.

Landscaping Boosts Curb Appeal

Impressions count. Ask any realtor what’s most important when showing a home to buyers, and they’ll likely say curb appeal. Buyers often decide if your home is “the one” based on the exterior.

What buyers see on the outside affects how they view the inside. If your curb appeal is good, buyers will notice the good and tolerate the bad. If your home’s exterior is lacking or neglected, most buyers will turn away before stepping inside.

Kitchen Makeover

Kitchens are the focal point of a home, so buyers place a lot of importance on them. It’s also where they meet with their agent after a showing to discuss the property overall. A good impression is priceless.

A new kitchen with quartz countertops, smart stainless steel appliances, and newly installed cabinets can increase your home’s appeal to buyers, but the added expense is usually not worth it for home sellers.

Bathroom Upgrades

Outdated bathrooms will also turn off buyers. These are the most important rooms in the house. Like kitchens, bathroom renovations can be costly.

Smaller upgrades will boost your bathroom’s appeal. Instead of replacing an old vanity, refinish the cabinets, replace hardware, and update faucets.

Paint It

Fresh paint can transform a home. Fresh paint brightens and updates rooms. Painting is an easy home improvement.

Cover up wall dings and scuffs for a small cost and some time. Start with high-traffic rooms like living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, if needed.


This is important in extreme heat or cold. Smaller utility bills and eco-friendly upgrades will attract energy-conscious buyers. Try cheaper alternatives to solar panels.

Switching incandescent bulbs for LED lights uses less energy and lasts longer.

Lighten Up

Dim rooms and outdated light fixtures can detract from your home’s ambiance. New fixtures are a cost-effective way to modernize and brighten your home.

Upgrade your bulbs, too. LEDs are better than incandescents. Choose “warm white” or “bright white” over “natural light” and “Natural light” bulbs make rooms look blue.

Let in as much natural light as possible when showing your home. Before showings, open blinds and curtains. Natural light is more appealing to buyers than dimness.

Make Room

Square footage affects a home’s value, but we advise against adding square footage through addition or enclosure. This upgrade is costly and time-consuming.

Putting large furniture in storage is a practical solution. Oversized or excess furniture can shrink rooms. Home staging can also improve how your home shows; consider it.

Exterior Spruce-Up

Aside from landscaping, tending to your home’s exterior can boost curb appeal. Power washing is more cost-effective than painting the entire exterior. A good power wash will clean and refresh your home’s exterior. Also, power washes the sidewalk.

Since your front door is a home’s focal point, decorate it. New address numbers and exterior light fixtures will modernize your home’s entrance. Add potted plants to your doorway to make it more inviting.

There are many inexpensive ways to increase your home’s value before selling. Advice? Small improvements will help you save money. If you’re selling your home, don’t overinvest in upgrades that won’t pay off.

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