A Beginner’s Guide To Build Smart Home

The advent of technology has taken over the world. While our workplaces are going digital, our homes are also not untouched by the effect of technology. The term ‘home automation’ has become popular in recent years. What is it? It can be defined as the automatic control of all electronic devices. Almost all the gadgets in our homes can be connected to the internet through wifi and Bluetooth and can get linked with each other.

A smart home can look like a far-fetched thing, but if you are a tech-savvy person, it can get a lot easier for you to build a nutikodu. Here are some ideas that might make the whole process easy peasy.

  1. Get Comfortable with voice control

Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant are a few examples of voice assistants that can get connected to your gadgets and follow your instructions. With their help, you can turn off/on the lights, control the AC temperature, play the songs and do much more stuff like this. You can opt for smart speakers and smart displays to make the functioning all the more smooth. They all can be paired using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to perform your actions with a view.

  1. Switch to smart lighting

You can get sensors installed in your room that can turn on or off the lights depending on the motion activity in your room. Also, there are smart bulbs and LEDs that can be controlled from your phone. You can change their color, brightness, and temperature according to your choice. These lights are also very energy efficient and can be installed very easily.

  1. Secure your home

The security of your home is the main concern if you leave your house unattended for longer durations. You can get smart locks and cameras installed in your home to step up security. You can access the cameras anytime from your phone, which will give you a whole view of your home. You can enable fingerprint sensors or voice-controlled sensors in the smart locks that can open with only your credentials.

  1. Control the temperatures

You can get a smart thermostat installed in your home that can sense the temperature and set up the temperature according to it. They can set the temperature according to the time of the day, weather and location. Or you can simply pair it with your phone and control the air conditioners or heaters in your home. It provides maximum comfort in your life.

  1. Get a smart plug

Do not worry if you have a lot of ordinary devices with no smart features. By plugging the ordinary devices into a smart plug, they can transform into smart devices. For example, you can connect a fan, lamp, or coffee maker to the smart plug, and then you can control it from your smartphone. They also have voice-controlled and motion-sensing features.


Building or converting your home into a smart home can be a fun task. If you are someone who is not handy with technology, this article is a simple step-by-step guide to making your home technology-friendly. You can explore Avaeksperdid for more insights into the installation of a smart home.

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