An Overview of Masonry Paint and Factors to Consider when Purchasing

If you are looking to repaint your house exteriors, you will not use the common types of paint. What you use for the interiors will not suit the outdoor environment. Still, many people do not know about masonry paint. It is why you will find homeowners having to repaint the exteriors frequently than others. But, this read offers you insights on masonry paints and the factors you should consider when purchasing.

Paint for the Exteriors

Regardless of the raw materials for your wall, masonry paint from Promain is what you use for your house exteriors. Still, it works with different types of finishing you have for your home. With the varieties in colors, you can customize your property according to your taste or preference. So, as a homeowner, you get the opportunity to express yourself with the paint you select for your property exteriors.

Masonry paint can withstand the weather and other elements in the outdoors. In addition, it will protect the surfaces from degradation while increasing the longevity of walls. The paint exists in different kinds. Below are the standard types;

  • Silicate-Based Paints: uses a chemical process for the wall to absorb it. It integrates with the raw material to protect the surface from wear and tear. Still, it allows the wall to breathe. However, it can be challenging to access the products from a local shop. Although it is more costly than the other types, the paint offers a more prolonged service life than the alternatives.
  • Acrylic Paint: it is a water-based solution available in numerous shades. The acrylic components will coat the surface you paint to protect it from degradation. They are water-resistant and proof the wall against outdoor conditions. Modern houses mostly use acrylic paint for exteriors. You can repaint the surfaces as frequently as you like since you do not prepare much for the paint job. The paint offers adequate protection to buildings.
  • Limewash: an ancient technique of painting the house exteriors. Its service life is small, and you will need to repaint the areas more frequently to maintain its appeal and functionality for the outdoor environment. Its continuous use in the industry shows its effectiveness in protecting surfaces. The breathability of walls is higher with the option.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Masonry Paint


Due to the rainwater that hits exterior surfaces, ideal masonry paint should be waterproof. It will not let the wall absorb water that may damage it. So, ensure the paint you select for your building exteriors can withstand harsh weather conditions and protect the surface raw material from the elements.


It is critical to consider paint’s maintenance before purchasing. The ideal choice should be easy to clean while maintaining its appeal even with continuous care. So, check for the characteristics to avoid incurring extra costs to coating the paint.

Wall Properties

One of the most important factors to consider before purchasing masonry paint is the surface’s properties. It includes the raw material, texture, and finishing.

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