Mind the mindfulness: How to create an inspiring space to work from home

The year is 2020 – it doesn’t matter whether or not we like working from home, the chances are we’re doing it anyway! Working from home can be tough to get used to at first, but here’s some good news – people who work from home get more done per day.

Why? A great working-from-home environment can massively boost productivity. What’s good about working from home is that you have the freedom to create a space that really works for you. In a traditional office, you’re abiding by the parameters set for you by your employers. At home, it’s all on you to create your working environment. Here are just a few quick tips on how to create an inspiring space to work from home.

Find a quiet area

You may like some background noise while you work; for example, you might like to leave the radio or a podcast playing. However, other noises can be very distracting – think fridges that hum, dogs that bark and the sound of children playing.

Pick the quietest area of your home to work from, and make sure it’s got a door! Spare bedrooms work well, as would a study – if you’re lucky enough to have one – or even a dining room.

Get some light

Never underestimate the importance of light on your wellbeing and productivity. Natural light in particular is very beneficial to our physical and mental health. Put your desk near a window, use a conservatory if you have one, or even strategically place a mirror in the room so that light bounces around the space.

Quality seating is important

Take it from us – don’t work on your sofa if you can avoid it. This is terrible for your back and posture, not to mention can be disconcerting – your sofa is usually a place of relaxation. Not only will you be more inclined to procrastinate, you’ll start to conflate those all-important boundaries between work life and home life. Sitting on an office or desk chair is best but, if that isn’t an option, opt for a dining table chair instead.

Convert your loft space

If there’s one area of our homes we tend to neglect the importance of, it’s our lofts. Converting your loft into an inspirational workspace could make a world of difference to your working-from-home environment. Loft conversions can be pricey, however, so why not look into loft boarding? The Telford-based company Instaloft offers a BBA approved loft boarding system designed to protect your insulation and open up your loft space.

Bring in some green

Desk or floor plants provide a great way for you to bring the outside into your workspace, adding a breath of fresh air and creating some visual variety. We spend many hours a day looking at a screen, so trust us when we say that looking at a nice houseplant can be a welcome change! If you’re new to the plant game, try something resilient at first, like a cactus or a succulent – they’re very hard to get wrong…

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