Most Common Garden Designs

 Sometimes, standing apart from the proverbial crowd is not only preferable but downright necessary; for example, at work when you are interviewing for a promotional position and need to make your employers see that you are definitely the right candidate for the role.

However, if, perhaps, you are planning on placing your property on the market in the near future or else are looking for a more functional and conventional outdoor space, then in this instance it would be prudent to research more popular garden layouts. With this in mind, continue reading to discover five of the most common garden designs.

 1.    Cottage Garden 

One of the most common and easy to maintain garden styles is that of the cottage garden, and it is one that is most popular in rural areas of the country.

Cottage gardens are fundamentally based around flowers, plants, shrubs and even trees that are found growing naturally in and around your local area. An essential component of the style is to let your plants grow as wild and free as possible (within reason, of course!). 

2.    English Country Garden 

A classic and utterly timeless garden design style is that of the English country garden.

Essentially, such a garden design incorporates symmetry and simplicity whilst still embracing nature and is quintessentially English. Key elements of an English country garden include, but are not limited to:

·        Roses in all colours and species

·        Wide pathways

·        Stepping stones

·        Traditional garden furniture

·        Self-seeding plants such as sweet peas and pansies

·        Sculptures and statues 

3.    Coastal Garden 

For those who either live near the seaside or else aspire to, there can be no better choice when wanting to renovate, remodel and redesign their garden than to choose a coastal garden theme.

Coastal gardens encompass all-weather, durable and lightweight materials for furniture and decking, lighting from the back of the house and spotlights on plants and other focal features, as well as space for dining al-fresco, hardy and robust plants and ample provision for shade and shelter. 

4.    Japanese Garden 

One of the most notable and important features of a Japanese-inspired garden is that of a beautiful, aesthetically calming pond.

When envisioning a Japanese garden-themed outdoor space, the easiest way to accurately picture the style is to imagine a practical and functional garden with an element of water that is more of a sensory experience.

Adding a pond or fountain to your space when creating a Japanese garden will create a relaxing and calming environment. Head to a professional garden company, such as Water Garden, to find out what you need to build your Japanese-style water feature. 

5.    Tropical Jungle Garden 

For the wilder and more experimental gardeners out there, one of the most common yet still quite experimental and striking garden designs is that of a tropical jungle vibe.

For a tropical jungle style garden, the emphasis should be firmly on both movement and colour in equal measure, and you should endeavour to include the following elements:

·        Source durable and hardy tropical plants

·        Add height, texture and vibrancy to flower beds, plant pots and borders

·        Include an exotic water feature or fountain

·        Use containers to plant tropical plants that need more water and/or sunlight

·        Invest in an aesthetically attractive and all-weather pergola

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