Practical Tips for a Welcoming Guest Room

If you have guests coming over to spend a few days with you, a few preparations are in order. You will want them to feel as comfortable as you can. Being away from home and spending days in another house can be uncomfortable too. A good host will understand that there are certain amenities their guests may be used to. While you may not know precisely what they are, providing them with a guest room that is both welcoming and complete with essentials will make their stay very pleasant, something they will consider a temporary home away from home. From furnishings to other bedroom essentials, there is so much you can do to make your guest room a warm and homey feeling. You can also add contemporary lighting to enhance the room and set the mood for relaxation.

Here are some practical ideas to create a welcoming atmosphere in your guest room.

Keep your decor to a minimum

A guest room will look its best with only a few tasteful decorative items. You may be excited to fill it up with a variety of accessories and fabrics, but this may make your guests feel more like an outsider in your home. It can also make the room look cluttered. Although you may want to show off your personality through your decor, it is always best to keep it to a minimum when it comes to your guest bedroom.

Prepare closet space and the dresser

Your guests will appreciate having space to store their personal belongings while they are with you. Ensure that you have empty closet space for that. This will keep the room organised during their stay and will give them a place to hang clothes and keep them from being wrinkled after being folded up in a suitcase. It would also be a good idea to have a dresser with a mirror where they can get themselves ready to step out of the room. A few basics, such as a hairdryer and brushes would be welcome in case they neglected to pack them.


Place a bedside table with a lamp for guests who may want to do a little reading while in bed. You could also provide a nook with a small table and a comfortable chair where they can sit and relax with coffee or tea. You could also have a coffee maker with packets of cream, sugar, and tea bags available whenever they need it.

Provide a basket of toiletries

Another addition that your guests will appreciate is a basket of toiletries. You can include shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, lotion, cotton balls, shavers and shaving cream, etc. Add whatever it is you think you would need if you were a guest. Also, make sure that the guest bathroom is complete with all of the essentials and is spotlessly clean.

Your guests will appreciate the effort you put into making them feel welcome in your home. The perfect host will always ensure that guests are comfortable and do not want for anything.

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