Things you should not do when cleaning artificial grass

When properly cared for, artificial grass is exceptionally low-maintenance and easy to maintain. However, there are some techniques of cleaning your grass poorly that can be inefficient or even dangerous. There are some basic mistakes to know and avoid while cleaning your artificial grass if you want to ensure that you are extending the life of your turf, getting the most out of your investment, and keeping your lawn as clean and beautiful as possible.

Avoid using metal rakes.

Cross-brushing your turf blades and raking away any large debris, such as leaves and twigs, is an important element of artificial turf maintenance. When doing these maintenance tasks, avoid utilizing instruments with metallic prongs, as these can damage the synthetic grass fibers. Choose something with soft, synthetic, or plastic bristles instead. These will fluff up the fibers the most effectively and keep each blade upright. By acquiring instruments designed exclusively for the upkeep of artificial grass, you can ensure that your synthetic turf is completely safe to use.

Excessive power washing should be avoided.

Power washing is a highly effective way to clean a range of exterior surfaces, including concrete and bricks, in a short amount of time. While power washing portions of your backyard, you may be tempted to also power wash your fake grass to ensure a thorough clean, which is not a bad idea. However, you should never use hot water to power wash a synthetic turf lawn since it could damage the yarn. A surface cleaning pressure washing attachment is the safest technique to power wash turf without blowing out all of the infill. Infill will be included in almost every home turf installation.

If you use a typical wand to power wash your artificial grass, you may lose some or all of the infill product, jeopardizing the integrity of your artificial grass lawn. Simply replace your infill system coated silica sand. Do not use basic silica sand as a filler. If your grass appears to be dirty, use a garden hose to rinse away any dust or debris.

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Choosing not to hire a professional

On the opposite end of the scale, some homeowners may choose to do absolutely no maintenance on their fake grass lawn. Artificial grass is unquestionably lower-maintenance than natural grass, but it still needs minimal cleaning on a regular basis to look and function at its best. Choosing not to rinse, brush, or otherwise care for your grass will almost certainly result in a lawn that appears drab, matted, unclean, and generally neglected. You can brighten up your lawn in no time by using industry-leading fake grass products. Remove pet scents with a lawn deodorizer or replenish infill with coated silica sand. If you don’t want to do the task yourself, hire a pro! From brushing up grass blades to re-tucking seams, a turf cleaning service will revitalize your lawn.

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